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Jiménez-Mejías, Pedro [1], Martin-Bravo, Santiago [2], Villaverde, Tamara [3], Escudero Lirio, Antonio Marcial [4], Roalson, Eric [5], Hipp, Andrew [6], Global Carex Group, The [7].

Biogeography and classification of sedges (Carex, Cyperaceae) based on a global phylogeny.

Carex L. (Cyperaceae) is a nearly cosmopolitan sedge genus of ca. 2,000 species. Over the past two decades, there have been numerous phylogenetic studies from the scale of single species complexes to the genus as a whole. These studies have demonstrated that while historical infrageneric classification units were often geographically delimited, most Carex clades are distributed across multiple continents. Many of smaller scale phylogenetic patterns have been illuminated, but no one has comprehensively addressed broader scale biogeographic and diversification patterns. In this talk, we explore broad-scale patterns of historical biogeography and diversification rates using the most comprehensively-sampled time-calibrated phylogenetic hypotheses of Carex world-wide. We present an analysis of global Carex diversity based on ITS, ETS, and matK sequences from 4471 individuals, representing 1312 Carex species from 126 sections traditional sections. This is a complete sampling of sections and a 30% increase in species sampling with respect to the previous (Global Carex Group 2016) global sedge phylogeny, reaching 65.86% of the total number of accepted Carex species (Govaerts et al., 2018+). We constrain this phylogeny using a phylogenomic framework based on HybSeq we designed for the family as a whole. We use the phylogeny as a platform to discuss the revision of classification in the genus and biogeographic patterns of diversification.

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1 - Centro de Investigación en Biodiversidad y Cambio Global (CIBCUAM), U, Madrid, 28049, Spain
2 - Pablo de Olavide University, Seville, 41013, Spain
3 - Real Jardin Botanico (RJB-CSIC), Madrid, 28014, Spain
4 - UNIVERSITY OF SEVILLE, PLANT BIOLOGY AND ECOLOGY, Reina Mercedes Sn, Nº Q-4118001-I, Sevilla, 41012, Spain
5 - Washington State University, School Of Biological Sciences, Abelson Hall 339, Pullman, WA, 99164, United States
6 - The Morton Arboretum, 4100 Illinois Route 53, Lisle, IL, 60532, United States
7 - '--


Presentation Type: Oral Paper
Session: SYS1, Systematics I: Land plants, Gymnosperms to Rosids part 1
Location: Tucson H/Starr Pass
Date: Monday, July 29th, 2019
Time: 3:45 PM
Number: SYS1009
Abstract ID:1014
Candidate for Awards:None

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