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Crops and Wild Relatives

Pearl, Carson Howard [1], Vitale, Jessica [2], Abrahams, Richard [2], Pires, Joseph [3].

Advanced Imaging of the Genus Crambe , A Non-Model Orphan Crop.

Crambe is a group of plants within the mustard family and the economically important tribe Brassiceae. Of the many different species in this diverse genus, the most important one for our purposes is Crambe hispanica, an orphan crop that has many variations, some that are leafy types or grown as an oilseed. This study will look to elucidate the key features of the Crambe genus using a bioinformatic approach. In the project, our team will be using a phenotyper developed in the Angelovici lab for Arabidopsis and configuring it to measure traits known to differentiate species in the genus such as leaf morphometrics and glabrousness, whether or not trichomes are present. We will be using software such as PlantCV and ImageJ to do image phenotyping at the pre-flowering stage. After plants have fruited, we will confirm the identification of accessions grown, using classic taxonomy, to that given by the USDA. The final portion of the project will be comprised of using the statistical programming language, R, to run analyses on our data. Results will elucidate what makes the Crambe spp. in our collection unique, as well as confirm the identity determined by USDA. This study is acting to establish traits of a Crambe panel that can be used for a possible genome wide association study, GWAS, or metabolomic analyses, in the future.

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1 - University of Missouri, Columbia, Division of Biological/ Plant Sciences, 311 Bond Life Sciences Center, Columbia, Missouri, 65201, USA
2 - University of Missouri, Columbia, Division of Biological Sciences, 311 Bond Life Sciences Center, Columbia, Missouri, 65201, USA
3 - University Of Missouri, 371 Bond Life Sciences Center, 1201 Rollins Street, Columbia, MO, 65211, United States


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