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Omoregie, Gloria [1], Ikhajiagbe, Beckley [2], ANOLIEFO, Geoffery [2].

Quantitative and Qualitative assement of Microbial presence during Phytoremediation of Heavy Metal Polluted Soil using Chromolaena odorata.

The presence and impact of Bulk and rhizosphere microorganisms, particularly mycorrhizal fungi and bacteria, in contaminated soils can be huge, given that they have the ability to increase plants tolerance against abiotic stress, fuel plant growth and support accelerated remediation of disturbed soils. Thus the quantitative and qualitative assessment of microbial presence during phytoremediation of heavy metal polluted soil using Chromolaena odorata was investigated. Literature reviews on plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria were used to decipher the function/activity of these micro-organisms present in the rhizosphere and bulk Soil.  Copper (Cu), manganese (Mn), lead (Pb), Zinc (Zn) and cadmium (Cd) in their chloride forms were used to pollute the soil at various concentrations. Stems of C. odorata were planted in the various polluted soils using the ecological screening values (ESV) of 50 mg/kg (Pb, Mn and Zn), 4 mg/kg (Cd) and 100mg/kg (Cu). Heavy metal concentrations for the study were 1, 3 and 5 times their respective ESV. Microorganisms were cultured and biochemical test was done for identification. Results showed that they  were more than 10 species of bacteria and fungi identified in the study, with Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Bacillus subtilis being the most occurring bacteria while, Penicillium sp. and Aspergillus niger the most occuring fungus in both bulk and rhizosphere. The presence of PGPR in plants rhizosphere including Azotobacter sp., Bacillus substilis, B. pumilis, Clostridium sp., Pseudomonas aerunginosa, and Klebsiella sp. was also reported. Therefore, microorganisms in the rhizosphere can be a leading control of the turnover of nutrients in the soil as they are capable of influencing plant growth.

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1 - Federal University of Petroleum Resources Effurun Delta State Nigeria., Environmental Management and Toxicology, Warri, Delta, 330102, Nigeria
2 - University of Benin, Plant Biology and Biotechnology, Benin, Edo, Nigeria

Chromolaena odorata
 Heavy Metal

Presentation Type: Oral Paper
Session: ECOPH1, Ecophysiology I
Location: San Pedro 2/Starr Pass
Date: Tuesday, July 30th, 2019
Time: 9:00 AM
Number: ECOPH1002
Abstract ID:104
Candidate for Awards:None

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