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Anneberg, Thomas [1], Wang, Shengpei [2], Althoff, David [2], Segraves, Kari [3].

Polyploidy promotes resilience to stress.

Polyploidy, or whole-genome duplication, is a common mechanism of reproductive isolation in plants, ultimately leading to either establishment or extinction of nascent polyploid lineages. Although we observe established polyploids at relatively high rates in nature, first-generation polyploids, or neopolyploids, are expected to go locally extinct shortly after they arise due in part to ecological stressors. Investigating the environmental factors that impact establishment of neopolyploids, then, will help reconcile the disparity between the prevalence of established polyploid populations and our expectation of high extinction rates. In an effort to understand how polyploidy affects plant responses to ecological stressors, we subjected diploids and neopolyploids of Arabidopsis thaliana to drought, salinity, and nutritional stress. Neopolyploids were not as responsive to low nutrient stress as diploids, suggesting that neopolyploid growth and reproduction may be constrained by different resources than their diploid parents. Both cytotypes responded negatively to the stress treatments, with drought and salinity treatments having the most detrimental effect on seed set. Neopolyploids, however, did not respond as severely to stress as diploids, suggesting that neopolyploids of A. thaliana are more robust to stress. Together, the results suggest that stressful environments may be conducive for polyploid establishment.

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1 - Syracuse University, 107 College Place, Department Of Biology, 107 College Place, Department Of Biology, Syracuse, NY, 13244, United States
2 - Syracuse University , Department of Biology, Syracuse, NY
3 - Syracuse University, Biology, 107 College Pl, Syracuse, NY, 13244, United States

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