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Suthisamphat, Naranpraphai [1], Dechayont, Bhanuz [2], PHUAKLEE, PATHOMPONG [3], CHUNTHORNG-ORN, JITPISUTE [4], Vilaichone, Rathakorn [5], Itharat, Arunporn [6].

Anti-Helicobacter pyroli isolated from Thai patients and antioxidant activities of aqueous extract of nutmeg and mace from Myristica fragrans; support gastrointestinal disorders treatment in p.

Nutmeg and Mace from Myristica fragrans are spice and has a specific fragrance, contain the volatile oils and essential oils. These two components found in several Thai remedies including Ya-Thad-Ban-Job, Ya-Hom-Thep-Pa-Jit, Ya-Hom-Na-Wa-Koad which have some same purpose, as help for digestive and balance gastrointestinal tract. Helicobacter pyroli is a common type of bacteria which found in the stomach and can be caused by inflammatory condition as gastritis, peptic ulcer including lead to cancer. Aim of this study is to investigate anti-H.pyroli of 5 different genotypes isolated from Thai patients by disc diffusion method and minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) using agar dilution technique. Two colorimetric methods, DPPH and ABTS (2,2′-diphenylpicrylhydrazyl and 2,2′-azinobis (3-ethylbenzothiazoline-6-sulfonic acid) diammonium salt) were examined an antioxidant. An aqueous extract of mace showed higher yield percentage than nutmeg aqueous extract (6.74% and 4.89, respectively). Five genotypes of H.pyroli were identified as CS24, CS46, SM100, 2890, 2693 and standard strain ATCC 43504 were inoculated for investigation. For the disc diffusion method, nutmeg extract inhibited isolated H.pyroli with clear zone values in range 10-15mm. whereas mace extract showed clear zone values in range 10-13 mm. However, they showed the MIC of all genotypes in the same values as 500 μg/mL. Both of them showed antioxidant with ABTS method, EC50 > 100 μg/mL. The mace extract exhibited DPPH radical scavenging assay with EC50 value 53.28 0.77 μg/mL, while nutmeg extract showed EC50 values more than 100 μg/mL. The results support the Thai traditional folk medicine usage both nutmeg and mace for H.pyroli prevention in the gastrointestinal disorders patients treatment.

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1 - Thammasat University, Department of Applied Thai Traditional Medicine, Pathumthani, Thailand
2 - Faculty of Medicine, Department of Applied Thai Traditional Medicine, Klong Nueang, Klong Lung, Pathum Thani, -- Country other than USA or Canada --, 12120, Thailand
3 - Faculty of Medicine, Thammasat University, Applied Thai Traditional Medicine, 99/209 Moo18, Klongnueang, Klongluang, Pathumthani, 12120, Thailand
4 - Thammasat University, Applied Thai Traditional Medicine, Faculty of medicine, 99/209 Moo 18 Paholyotin Road, KlongNeung, KlongLuang, Pathumthani, 12120, Thailand
5 - Thammasat University, Department of Medicine, Pathumthani, Thailand
6 - Thammasat University, Center of Excellence in Applied Thai Traditional Medicine Research, Pathumthani, Thailand

gastrointestinal disorders.

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