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Adelalu, Kole Fredrick [1], Wang, Hengchang [2].

plastome phylogenomic analysis of thuja ((Cupressaceae).

The genus Thuja (Cupressaceae) is a small genus which comprises of five species (Thuja plicata Donn ex D. Don, T. occidentalis L., T. koraiensis Nakai, T. standishii (Gordon) Carrière and T. sutchuenensis (Gordon), that are disjunctly distributed across both eastern Asia and northern America. Thuja plicata and T. occidentalis are endemic to North America, whereas T. koraiensis, T. standishii and T. sutchuenensis are restricted to East Asia. Several phylogenetic studies have previously been undertaken to reveal relationships within this genus, although only a few DNA segments of species were used. In the present study, we sequenced four thuja plastomes and combined these with one existing plastomes from the genus to investigate plastome evolution and phylogenetic relationships within thuja. A total of 116 genes were identified in each one of the taxa, 82 protein-coding genes, 4 ribosomal RNAs and 30 transfer RNAs. Among the 116 unique genes, there were 15 genes that contained one intron each (1 rRNA genes, 6 tRNA genes and 8 protein-coding genes) and two protein-coding genes contained 2 introns each (rps12 and ycf3). There are 3 unique genes that are duplicated (2 tRNA genes, and 1 protein coding genes). The genomic architecture and content of the species were the same, only for the differences in the number of nucleotides observed in some of their genes. One of the two exons in rps16 was found completely lost in the genus leaving behind a small portion of the second exon. Phylogenetic inference using a maximum likelihood framework consisted of an 81-gene, 36-taxon dataset, including all species of thuja, resolved thuja as a monophyletic clade.

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1 - Wuhan Botanical Garden, Plant Biosystematics, Moshan,Wuchang,Wuhan,P.R.China, Wuhan, 42, 430074, China
2 - wuhan botanical garden, (ucas), Biosystematics and Evolution, Wuhan Botanical Garden, Plant Biosystematics, Moshan,Wuchang,Wuhan,P.R.China, Wuhan, 42, 430074, China, Wuhan, Hubei, China, 430074


Presentation Type: Oral Paper
Session: SYS1, Systematics I: Land plants, Gymnosperms to Rosids part 1
Location: Tucson H/Starr Pass
Date: Monday, July 29th, 2019
Time: 2:00 PM
Number: SYS1003
Abstract ID:135
Candidate for Awards:None


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