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Delwiche, Charles [1].

The Nagoya Protocol: What It Is and Why Botanists Should Care.

The Nagoya Protocol is an international treaty that implements key concepts identified in the 1992 Convention on Biological Diversity, such as fair and equitable sharing of benefits from biological diversity ( Although neither the USA nor Canada is currently a party to the Nagoya Protocol, 116 nations are, and in practice it defines international procedures for the exchange of genetic resources and traditional knowledge of those resources, and researchers who transport specimens across international boundaries cannot afford to ignore it. At present biological resources from the open ocean are not covered by the Protocol, but negotiations are currently underway to do so. The Protocol does not give governments any rights they did not already have, but requires a clear process, a domestic regulatory regime covering “mutually agreed terms” and “access and benefit sharing”, along with mechanisms to document compliance. Benefit sharing can be interpreted broadly, and can include activities such as speaking at local universities, training local students, and forming research partnerships. To facilitate documentation of compliance, the protocol established the Access and Benefit Sharing Clearinghouse (, which is a key resource for researchers. Under the Protocol it is now necessary to have both a national permit (collecting permit) and an internationally recognized certificate of compliance (IRCC).  Note that even after specimens have been collected, use must only be within the pre-negotiated terms; other uses require new approval. Useful information and case studies are available on

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1 - University Of Maryland, CELL BIOLOGY AND MOLECULAR GENETICS, Biosciences Research Building, 4066 Campus Drive, College Park, MD, 20742, United States

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