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Huaman-Mera, Alexander [1], Vale, Wagner [2], Meira, João [3], Oliveira, Luiz [4].

Cedrela brachystachya (Meliaceae), an ecological specialized treelet from the riparian ecosystems of Central Brazil.

Ecological specialization allows an organism to adapt to a limited set of resources from a new environment in detriment of other nearby environments. This adaptation can bring forth novel genotypic and phenotypic traits, can diminish gene flow, and finally may result in reproductive isolation. Cedrela is a Neotropical genus with 18 accepted arboreal species, all of which are associated with well-drained soils in both seasonal and moist forests. None of the accepted species of Cedrela are known to occur in wetlands. Herein, we investigated an unidentified species of Cedrela that is associated with the riparian zones along the upper tributaries of the Parana River in central Brazil. We carried out both morphological and molecular analyses (DNA sequencing and microsatellite markers) together with species distribution modelling (SDM). Morphologically, the study species matched Cedrela brachystachya, a species that had been originally described in 1907 by De Candolle and later synonymized under C. odorata. Our result suggested C. brachystachya forms a taxonomic distinct entity within Cedrela, is reproductively isolated from the two most widespread congeners (C. odorata and C. fissilis); it is morphologically and genetically more closely-related to the geographically-distant congeners of the Argentinean Yungas. According to the SDM analyses, C. brachystachya has been confined to central Brazil. Likely, the endemism resulted from the climatic stability of riparian ecosystems throughout the Quaternary climate fluctuations, which may have driven speciation of C. brachystachya through mechanisms of niche divergence and niche conservatism.

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1 - Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Av. P. H. Rolfs - Dept Bioquimica s/n, Viçosa, MG, 36570-000, Brazil
2 - Universidade Estadual de Goias, Rodovia GO 330 Km 241 Anel Viario, Setor Universitario, Ipameri, GO, 38402-218, Brazil
3 - Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Av. P. H. Rolfs - Dept Biologia Vegetal s/n, Viçosa, MG, 36570-000, Brazil
4 - Av. P. H. Rolfs - Dept Bioquimica S/n, Caixa Postal, 247 Campus UFV, Vicosa (MG), MG, 36570-000, Brazil

Parana River
habitat specialization.

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