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Floristics & Taxonomy

Jesus, Maria [1].

A vascular flora of Conglomerate Mesa and Malpais Mesa, Inyo County, CA.

The Inyo Mountains in Inyo County, California, mark a regionally important transition zone where the Great Basin Desert and Mojave Desert bioregions meet. A preliminary unvouchered list of vascular plants of the range was established by Mary DeDecker in 1973 and continues to be maintained by local botanists. However, much of this rugged mountain range remains botanically unexplored and undocumented; extensive work is needed to assess the vascular plant diversity via a specimen-based study. In particular, the southernmost extent of the range is lacking in botanical collections despite an abundance of distinctive biogeographic features and high diversity in rare and endemic plant species. This area is characterized by two prominent geologic features—Conglomerate Mesa and Malpais Mesa. Both mesas have similar elevation profiles and are adjacent to one another. However, the surface of Conglomerate is rich in sedimentary rock with limestone outcrops whereas the surface of Malpais is composed of primarily volcanic substrates. This setting approximates a natural experiment from which to assess how certain edaphic factors might impact plant distributions in a heterogenous desert environment. Furthermore, Conglomerate Mesa is threatened by mining exploration and there is an urgent need to establish baseline data while the landscape remains intact. My primary objective is to conduct a specimen-based, systematic study of the flora of Conglomerate Mesa and Malpais Mesa that will result in a published floristic study including an annotated checklist. Field work began in July 2018 and will continue through October 2020. Here, I will review preliminary findings, including new records for rare plant taxa such as Hecastocleis shockleyi (Asteraceae), Hesperidanthus jaegeri (Brassicaceae) and Perityle inyoensis. (Asteraceae). I will also discuss how this research is being used to advance conservation for public lands.

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1 - Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, 1500 College Ave, Claremont, CA, 91711, USA

Great Basin
plant geography
public lands.

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