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Byng, James [1], Hequet, Vanessa [2], Xu, Jiawei [3], Snow, Neil [4].

A visual representation of New Caledonian Syzygium (Myrtaceae) to aid identification.

An important duty and frequent challenge for plant taxonomists today is to make taxonomic work more accessible for non-specialists from other disciplines. This is especially true for species-rich families and genera, particularly when the diversity is concentrated in relatively small geographical areas. Syzygium is the largest plant genus in New Caledonia with approximately eighty known species and some undescribed species. Due to its high diversity, accurate identifications to the species level can be difficult for both specialists and non-specialists. Additionally, many species of Syzygium have substantial levels of morphological variability, and some also remain poorly or incompletely characterized, as for example those that lack information about flowering or fruiting material, or are based only on scant available material. Newly described taxa and generic transfers (including the recent transfer of Piliocalyx into Syzygium) may further confound users of existing keys and can quickly render existing literature somewhat obsolete. This poster provides a novel identification key to species of Syzygium using leaf, flower and fruit characters of all known species, coupled with digital images of the structures. Scale bars and morphological and geographical notes are included for each species. This visually attractive and informative key, when completed, will represent a new educational and research aid for regional workers showcasing the full range of the generic diversity of Syzygium in New Caledonia.

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1 - Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Botany, P.O. Box 9517, 1200 RA, Leiden, The Netherlands
2 - Institute of Research for Development (IRD), Marseille, FRANCE
3 - Pittsburg State University
4 - Pittsburg State University, Department of Biology, Kansas, 66762

Visual key
New Caledonia
Leaf anatomy

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