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Education and Outreach

Gibson, Phil [1].

Faculty Mentoring Networks As A Path To Botany Faculty Professional Development.

In Spring and Fall Semester 2018, the BSA sponsored two Faculty Mentoring Networks (FMN's) that emphasized teaching quantitative skills through botany-focused modules. FMN's are virtual communities that regularly meet to discuss how to address specific educational challenges in the context of selected teaching modules. For the two BSA FMN's, over 30 faculty participated in identifying, modifying, and implementing modules that taught both a specific quantitative skill and a specific botanical concept. FMN participants implemented at least two of the modules in their courses and reported their many sucesses and occassional difficulties. In addition to helping participants implement proven, active learning activities, the FMN also provides a community in which participants can discuss different aspects of teaching and pedagogy. FMN participants who complete all requirements were designated BSA Education Scholars.

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1 - University Of Oklahoma, Department Of Microbiology And Plant Biology, University Of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, 73019, United States

active learning
Faculty Mentoring Netork
professional development.

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