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MacNeill, Bryan [1], Straub, Shannon [2], Sandras, Kelli [3], Elizabeth, Ivey [3], McKain, Michael [4].

Resolving relationships within the genus Amorpha using whole chloroplast genomes.

The genus Amorpha is a North American endemic in the family Fabaceae comprising ~20 species. This genus is characterized by the absence of the floral keel and wing found in most papilionoid legumes and the ability to occupy a variety of habitats. A. fruticosa has the widest range of all species encompassing the distribution of the majority of other Amorpha taxa and is found throughout North America, occurring in a variety of habitats which include, riparian corridors, prairies, and savannas. A. fruticosa has at least 39 synonyms, suggesting taxonomists have noticed enough morphological variation in this species to merit the naming of new taxa. This leads us to question if A. fruticosa is a single species. Due to its overlapping ranges, it is possible that A. fruticosa either hybridizes or has hybridized with other Amorpha species, which would potentially result in novel morphologies or preference for diverse and novel habitats. To address these questions, we sequenced whole chloroplast genomes for 70 accessions of Amorpha, focusing on A. fruticosaA. glabraA. nitens, andA. schwerinii, the primary species of Alabama. A total of 40 accessions of A. fruticosa and 30 representing other taxa were used for phylogenetic reconstruction. Here we demonstrate A. fruticosa is not monophyletic. We also describe population-level chloroplast diversity across the southeastern US. The chloroplast phylogeny will further elucidate the relationships of this genus and allow us to develop a better understanding of species diversity not just across the Southeast, but in general for morphologically diverse species, like A. fruticosa.

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1 - 312 19th Ave, Apt 802, Tuscaloosa , AL, 35401, United States
2 - Hobart And William Smith Colleges, Department Of Biology, 300 Pulteney St., Geneva, NY, 14456, United States
3 - University of Alabama , Biology, 500 Hackberry LN, Tuscaloosa, AL, 35401, USA
4 - University Of Alabama, 411 Mary Harmon Bryant Hall, Tuscaloosa, AL, 35487, United States

Whole Chloroplast

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