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Reproductive Processes

Ellis, Inesha [1], DeHaas, Allison [1], Goodrich, Katherine [2].

Pawpaw (Asimina triloba) pollinators and their association to other substrates.

The small, maroon flowers of Asimina triloba (pawpaw) bloom in early spring and emit a distinctive, yeasty floral scent. The color and scent of these flowers is not typically “floral” and the insect visitors – mostly non-anthophilous species of Diptera – are not typical pollinators. We suspect that the flowers are mimicking local fermenting substrates in order to fool flies into visiting flowers and moving pollen. To test this, we have taken two approaches. First, we are working to identify ecologically-relevant fermenting substrates that are attractive to flies and potentially serve as a “model” to the flowers. Second, we are comparing insect taxa (mostly species of Diptera) visiting the pawpaw flowers to the insect taxa attracted to constructed floral lures containing either fermenting fruit pulp or fermenting sugar water. Here we present data on the insect taxa visiting pawpaw flowers and the floral lures. Our preliminary work shows that small flies (mostly Drosophilidae) and medium flies (mostly Muscidae) are the primary visitors to flowers and frequent visitors to the floral lures (with ants being the most common lure visitors). Insect specimens have been collected from both flowers and lures, and are being identified with the help of experts.

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1 - Widener University, Department of Biology, Chester, PA, 19013, USA
2 - Widener University, Department Of Biology, 1 University Place., Chester, PA, 19013, United States

fermentation volatiles

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