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Persson, Nannie [1], Smedmark, Jenny [1], Eriksson, Torsten [2].

Complex patterns of reticulate evolution in Potentilla L. (Rosaceae) involving P. norvegica and the endemic North American Ivesioid clade.

Most cinquefoils (Potentilla L., Rosaceae) are polyploids, ranging from tetraploid (4x) to dodecaploid (12x), diploids being the rare exception. Previous studies based on ribosomal and chloroplast data have shown that Norwegian cinquefoil (P. norvegica L.) may be related to two separate clades within Potentilla − the circumboreal Argentea clade and the North American Ivesioid clade − indicating a possible history of hybridization and polyploidization (allopolyploidy). In order to trace the origin of the species, sequence data from low-copy, biparentally inherited, nuclear markers were used. Specimens covering the circumboreal distribution of P. norvegica and its two subspecies were included, along with the morphologically similar P. intermedia. Potentilla species of low ploidy level were also included. Gene trees based on three low-copy nuclear markers obtained by Bayesian Inference and Maximum Likelihood showed P. norvegica and P. intermedia sequences associated with multiple clades, indicating a shared evolutionary history involving at least four parental lineages − three from the Argentea clade and one from the Ivesioid clade. Other underlying evolutionary processes than allopolyploidization resulting in this phylogenetic pattern would demand a much more complex explanation. This is the first time, to our knowledge, that reticulate evolution has been proven in the genus Potentilla, and shows the importance of continuing working with low-copy markers in order to properly resolve the evolutionary history of polyploids.

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1 - University Museum Of Bergen, Postboks 7800, Bergen, 5020, Norway
2 - University Of Bergen, University Museum, Department Of Natural History, Postboks 7800, Bergen, N-5007 , Norway

reticulate evolution

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