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Population Genetics/Genomics

Koelling, Vanessa [1], Newsum, Toshiro [2], Kelly, John [3].

A large-scale test for purging of inbreeding depression in the common yellow monkeyflower, Mimulus guttatus.

Self-fertilization is a common mating system in plants and has evolved many times independently, despite regular inbreeding often resulting in inbreeding depression. One explanation for the evolution of self-fertilization is that deleterious alleles are purged from populations over time by natural selection against recessive homozygotes, which increase in frequency with regular inbreeding. This hypothesis has primarily been tested in a greenhouse or laboratory setting. Here we report the results of a large-scale study in which we genotyped progeny arrays (maternal individuals and offspring) sampled from 50 populations of the common yellow monkeyflower, Mimulus guttatus, at 18 SNPs. Plants were genotyped using the TaqMan real-time PCR method. From these genotype data, we calculated the outcrossing rate and inbreeding coefficient of each population using the BORICE software. These data were then analyzed using linear regression to determine the slope of the relationship between the population inbreeding coefficient and fitness.

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1 - Auburn University At Montgomery, Biology And Environmental Science, P.O. Box 244023, Montgomery, AL, 36124, United States
2 - University of Puget Sound, Biology, 1500 N Warner St., Tacoma, WA, 98416
3 - University of Kansas, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, 2041 Haworth Hall, 1200 Sunnyside Ave., Lawrence, KS, 66045, USA

mating system

Presentation Type: Oral Paper
Session: POPGEN1, Population Genetics/Genomics I
Location: Tucson H/Starr Pass
Date: Monday, July 29th, 2019
Time: 8:15 AM
Number: POPGEN1002
Abstract ID:520
Candidate for Awards:Margaret Menzel Award

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