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Comparative Genomics/Transcriptomics

Gil, Hee-Young [1], Ha, Young-Ho [2], Choi, Kyung [3], Kim, Dong-Kap [3].

Characterization of three chloroplast genomes of Birthwort family (Aristolochiaceae) and insights into diverse genome structure and rearrangement in Asarum.

The family Aristolochiaceae (sensu lato) comprises ca. 7 genera and 600 species ranging from perennial herbs to shrubs and vines. They display extensive morphological, ecological, and habitat diversity. Recent study found that Asarum plastomes have undergone extensive disruption and contain extremely lengthy AT-repeat regions. Due to these troublesome AT-repeat regions, assembly of complete plastome was quite problematic in the previous study. In this study, we assembled chloroplast genomes of two Asarum species (i.e., A. versicolor and A. patens) and one Aristolochia species (i.e., A. mandshuriensis) to compare the genomic features within Aristolochiaceae and genus Asarum with emphasis on structure, AT-rich regions, and repetitive sequences. Large inversion in the large single copy (LSC) was found from all previous reported Asarum plastomes. While chloroplast genome of A. versicolor showed same inversion block found in other Asarum plastomes, unexpected unique gene order rearrangement was found from A. patens. In comparison with two Aristolochia species, three Asarum chloroplast genomes showed much higher number of forward and palindromic repeats as well as AT-rich regions. In Asarum species, four major AT-rich regions (i.e., ndhC-trnM, ycf3 exon2-ycf3 exon1, psbA-trnH, and trnG-trnS) were found. The phylogenetic analysis of Aristolochiaceae with 77 protein coding genes showed that Aristolochia and Asarum are monophyletic. The clade containing Asarum species shared its most common ancestor with Saruma henryi as demonstrated in previous study.

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1 - Korea National Arboretum, Division Of Forest Biodiversity, 415 Gwangneungsumokwon-ro, Soheul-eup, Pocheon-si, 11186, Korea, Republic of
2 - 1342, Seongnam-daero, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si, 13120, Korea, Republic of
3 - Korea National Arboretum

IR expansion
repetitive DNA sequences.

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