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Ortiz, Edgardo M. [1], Vargas, Oscar M [2], Goncalves, Deise [3], Simpson, Beryl [3].

Phylogenomics of Adesmia (Fabaceae) and the discordance between nuclear and plastome phylogenies.

We used a genome skimming approach to build a dataset consisting of 37 species of Adesmia and one species of Amicia as outgroup. We assembled de novo the entire plastomes and nuclear ribosomal RNA cistrons for all the samples. Then we used all the available Fabaceae genomes in GenBank as well as all the available transcriptomes in 1KP to identify orthologous genes in the Fabaceae. Once ortholog candidate genes were identified, these were used as references to separate our genome skimming reads by gene and proceed to de novo assembly of individual loci. We present the phylogenomic analyses corresponding to the entire plastome, the nuclear ribosomal RNA cistron (nrDNA), and 675 nuclear genes. Plastome and nrDNA phylogenies were inferred using the full dataset and the nuclear phylogeny was inferred using only the variable sites but with correction for ascertainment bias. All phylogenies were inferred using Maximum Likelihood and unpartitioned alignments. Our analyses recovered phylogenies with overall high support values with a few exceptions. In the phylogeny inferred with 675 genes, the position of Adesmia grandiflora could not be resolved and Adesmia eremophila appeared sister to all the other 35 species in the genus. However, phylogenies inferred with the plastome and nrDNA recovered different positions for these two species. Finally, none of the analyses agree with Burkart's placement of species into series or, in one case, with his subgeneric classification. Phylogenetic reconstructions differ between the three analyses although most have good support for clades obtained. This indicates that there has been hybridization among species as been suggested previously.

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1 - Technical University Of Munich, Ecology & Ecosystem Management, Plant Biodiversity Research, Emil-Ramann Strasse 2, Freising, D-85354, Germany
2 - University of California, Santa Cruz, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, 130 McAllister Way, Santa Cruz, CA, 95060, USA
3 - The University of Texas at Austin, Integrative Biology, 205 W. 24th St., Mail Stop C0930, Austin, TX, 78712, USA

low copy nuclear genes
nuclear ribosomal DNA
de novo
Genome skimming

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