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Molecular Ecology

Guo, Minghao [1], Sanderson, Brian [2], Hu, Nan [3], Feng, Guanqiao [4], Olson, Matt [5].

Dwarf Willows Share the Same Sex Determination Regions.

Trees and shrubs in the Salicaceae family are predominately dioecious, which provides an opportunity to study changes in sex determination after the evolution of dioecy in plants. The location and type of homomorphic sex chromosomes is evolutionarily labile in the Salicaceae. For instance, in Populus trichocarpa the sex determination region (SDR) is on chromosome 19 and exhibits male heterogamety (X-Y), whereas the SDR in Salix purpurea is on chromosome 15 and exhibits female heterogamety (Z-W). For this project, we mapped the SDR in two new sister species of dwarf willow, Salix nivalis and S. reticulata using a custom sequence capture array and comparing differentiation (Fst) among 24 males and 24 females for each species. The SDR was identified as a region of elevated Fst between males and females. The results showed that the sex chromosomes of S. nivalis and S. reticulata are both located at chromosome 15 and are ZW systems, which is same as in S. purpurea. Data will be presented regarding comparisons of gene content and genetic diversity in the SDRs in S. nivalis, S. reticulata, and S. purpurea. The results provide a window into the evolution of sex chromosomes in plants.

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1 - Texas Tech University, Biological Sciences , 2500 Broadway, LUBBOCK, TX, 79409, United States
2 - Purdue University, 915 West State Street, West Lafayette, IN, 47907, United States
3 - 5550 56th Street, APT 1022, 5550 56th Street, APT 1022, Lubbock, TX, 79414, United States
4 - Texas Tech University, 2500 Broadway, Lubbock, TX, 79409, USA
5 - Texas Tech University, Biological Sciences, Lubbock, TX, 79409, USA

sex chromosome
drawf willow.

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